The Antigua Casa Talavera is a family business that opened in 1904, so it is considered by the City of Madrid as "Centennial Establishment" and now in its fourth generation.

Originally, the products marketed were: artistic ceramics, furniture Sevillian style, artistic iron, esparto arenas ... all these artifacts remain in the store as tables, chairs, dressers, wrought iron ... which serve to decorate ceramic pieces that work now.

Eventually my grandparents were decanted from the sale of artistic ceramic pieces reproduced from old models of high quality and different communities of Spain. We work with small family workshops of Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Archbishop Bridge, Alcora, Manises, Sevilla, Onda, Ribesalbes, Granada ... they worked with my grandparents. All these artisans keep working as fashion for centuries, with the wheel, wood stoves, mixing his paints and making the bathrooms, with formulas that remain secret. Their hands out pieces that are not only ornamental, but are used in the table and in the house. There are bowls, cups, mugs, glasses, fountains, tiles ... each piece is an original, but always playing shape and old drawing. Everything is made with love and dedication that loves what he does, so each piece is unique and never get two equal pieces. Also, not everything depends on the craftsman's hand, but the oven, cooking and wood do not always behave the same and there are times when a batch or some worn out parts and must be rejected, since those parts can not be retouching.

The store maintains the style and character when it was founded, with its furniture, tile floors, posters on the ceilings and walls ... And the parts that are still working classic reproductions of the eleventh century to the nineteenth century.

We believe that a visit to our trade will like to be very different from what you see today.